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"Best of All Possible Worlds: A Novel" by Gary Anderson Book Trailer

"Best of All Possible Worlds" is a new novel by the critically acclaimed literary novelist, Gary Anderson, to revisit Voltaire's "Candide." "Best of All Possible Worlds" is the second literary novel by Anderson whose debut novel, "Animal Magnet," has been voted among the “Best Books of the Decade” and “Best Literary Books of All Time” by Goodreads. "Best of All Possible Worlds" continues the saga of Jacques the Anabaptist from "Candide" in the satiric spirit of Voltaire. Anderson's novel begins with the return of Voltaire's hero, Candide, to find his beloved tutor, Pangloss, destitute and abandoned in the streets of Leyden, South Holland. Set in the mid-eighteenth century, the story then follows the lives of two brothers, Jakob and Robrecht Onderdonk, who lead antithetical lives. At the heart of the novel is Jakob's quest to abandon his life as a sailor at sea for a more edifying life on land. In contrast, Robrecht is determined fully to embrace a sinful life at sea. “Best of All Possible Worlds" builds upon Voltaire's masterwork with an air of irreverence and a generous serving of the absurd concerning the universal problem of evil in a world created by a perfect God. This novel launches May 29, 2012, from WordsworthGreenwich Press.

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