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My Granddaddy once said that the park is a great place to learn! Now at that time, I was just a kid and didn't quite know what he meant by that, but now that I'm older, and now I think I have an idea of what he meant... When I was younger I played at the park and had a lot of fun. During these days full of play, I'm sure I learned a lot: like teamwork, cooperation, taking turns, and much, much more... The funny thing is that I didn't even know this learning was taking place. Now that I' m older, somehow the fun in learning has been replaced by the sterile four walls of a classroom, that often times seems a bit boxed in to me. Somehow, I have forgotten that our mind absorbs a lot more information when we're having fun then when we're all serious and getting ready to buckle down for an all-niter of studying and cramming for that test tomorrow. I think we all need to remember to have more fun in life and we're all learn more in life. I also believe that we shouldn't just limit our learning to just school hours or just our old school days. We all need to be more curious about life, and learn something everywhere we go. In addition, we all need to be life-long learners as well. Let' s face it, if our learning starts and stops at the school door, and then stops at age 18 on top of that, our future probably won't be too bright... Smile... brighten up your day and have some fun and you just may learn something from it!

And finally, please share how you plan to use the success secret of The Park is a Great Place to Learn.

Thanks for your time,

Daniel Blanchard

Author of the Granddaddy's Secrets series

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