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Let's share our top book marketing successes in this blog. Why? Because writing the book is only half the work of an author; the other half is getting the attention of prospective buyers, namely, readers! So measure your success by your sales volume, not just the number of free copies you gave away or the number of hits on a website. We want sales.

My top 5 book marketing successes were:

1. Going to the local library and meeting with the person in charge. The library had a program for new parents that included a bag of gifts for them. Since my book is about parenting, I was able to sell 80 copies at a 25% discount to the library. Selling multiple copies with no returns was wonderful.

2. By viewing my book in a slightly different light -- as a collection of stories --, I contacted the national storytelling network that sponsored a traveling bookstore that sold its titles at state, national and local storytelling events. My book was evaluated by a judge's panel and accepted into their collection and continued to sell for a couple years thereafter.

3. I was a member of a board for a local chorale group and had served with this group for a few years. When my book came out, the board asked if I would bring it to a party after one of their concerts. I said yes, and must have sold 30 or 40 books that night. Assembling friends for a book launch is also a wonderful way to generate sales and a buzz when your book comes out.

4. I offered workshops about parenting to local PTA groups and pre-school programs in the area. When I was invited to lead a workshop, I set a fee per participant that included one copy of my book. That way I was able to bundle my time plus the full price of my book into the event.

5. Giving book talks at charity luncheons. Who says, "There's no free lunch?" Not only do you get a free lunch but you also get multiple sales, since everyone in attendance wants to support the sponsoring organization. I contribute $2 per book sold to the charity, which further motivated attendees to buy books.

What are your top 5?

List them here or send to me, Beth Bruno, at:

Happy selling!

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