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Another rainy day here in Connecticut.  I thought I'd spend some time with my stack of books, but it wasn't long before the guilt set in and the small voice in the back of my head said:  :YOU SHOULD BE GOING ONLINE TO ALL OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA SITES!"  "YOU SHOULD BE WORKING ON YOUR UPCOMING BOOK!"  I pulled myself off the couch and sat down at the computer and that's when the sinking spell hit.


I feel a bit wiped out from all of this social media.  Before I published "The Bachelor Farmers" all I worried about was the time I was going to "write" that, several hours of my day are spent on social media sites just to get my name out there.  It's daunting.  But I'm told I have to do it.  Even an established writer needs to promote their own work and for an Indie writer, it's the only way to reach people beyond their circle of friends.

Why I'm feeling so funky now, I don't know.  After all, it takes a lot to get to this write a book, publish it and put it out there for all of the world to judge.  It's a little like jumping off a hold your breath and pray you won't drown.  Maybe it really is the rain?

One the one hand, I've learned a lot.  I mean...honestly, I've come far.  Two months ago I didn't even understand "Twitter" and now I'm officially tweeting every day and meeting lots of nice people.  When I first started out I was so depressed I called my niece and asked her to help me get on Twitter...would she follow me?  I begged.  By the end of the day she and my two nephews had been kind enough to do just that, and I felt a bit of relief.  It was definitely a start.  Now, I see the value behind the "tweets" - the building of real relationships with people...interacting...I'm still clumsy and wonder what to tweet - if I'll have anything interesting to say - it I can pass along any good information, but I've gotten better and even have a few more followers.

Yesterday I heard this saying:  "If you knew that you would succeed at something, what would you do?  Do that."  So, I'm going to give another hour to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, The Amazon Kindle Boards, Shelfari and Goodreads...answer my emails, and then I'll sit down to write....Maybe I won't need the sun to lift the cloud.

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