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Continuing with our Summer Pot Luck Meetings, we met on July 20 on my back deck. We hit a milestone with the number of people present, 33. This number does include spouses, special friends, etc. We had 4 prospective members including a 9 year old girl who loves to write. Out guest speaker was none other than Brian Jud, who was accompanied by his lovely wife Nicki. I think Brian casts a spell on the audience, because nobody moved during his entire speech. As only Brian can, he captivated the audience.

I am proud of our group, we are consistently growing. Last month I introduced the "Happy Dollar". For every success story or happy event that has happened in the last 30 days, it costs the member or guest $1.00 to tell the happy story. This month we raised $19.00. The money is used to offset expenses of the meeting, and purchase items we need, such as a new member name tag holder, computer supplies, stamps, etc.

Keep up the good work SE CAPA. All members of CAPA are invited to join us, when the deck is full, I have a patio right next to the deck. Our next meeting is on August 17, same place, same time the guest speaker will be Shirley Webb.. Bring a great pot luck item.

Tom Santos,
SE Chairman

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