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Several of my author clients have published their books independently in 2019. Each of them brings absorbing information, advice, and entertainment to adults, teens, and children.


Rag Dolls and Rageby Sheila Tucker

Three-year-old Sheila was a secure, affectionate child, living with doting grandparents and several fun-loving teenaged uncles and aunts in an old house near the English seaside. Her idyllic life consisted of hugs, sandcastles and helping Nana roll pastry. 

Twelve months later, Sheila was terrified, lost, and abused in a grey, grim house, by a strange man her mother insisted she call "Daddy." After a year of terror, Sheila was rescued by her aunt, but by then the damage was done. 

Rag Dolls and Rage is Sheila’s coming-of-age journey through fear, brokenness and self-hatred, towards peace, forgiveness and love. It's the story of a woman who travelled the world seeking risky adventure to escape her past, before finally revisiting the painful memories buried deep inside her. 

This is a powerful and uplifting memoir of hope, healing and resilience.


Brainy Bugs: Funny Facts for Curious Kidsby Dr. Karen Smith

Scientific wonder meets whimsical charm in a poetic procession of fascinating bugs that are buzzing with fun bug facts! 

Who is the loudest, the heaviest or strongest?

Which bugs are good parents? Who's wing spans the longest? 

If you are curious, turn the pages to see... fun facts about insects, arranged A to Z!


Eat, Move, Believeby Malia Lewis, Ph.D

Life as a teen spans some of the best years and some of the toughtest. Self-doubt from social media comparisons, anxiety regarding school performance, and negative body image can wreak havoc on fragile egos. In this book are simple truths about life and living healthy that serve as a roadmap to navigate these years with confidence.

All proceeds of book sales go to several charities in the USA, Mexico and Africa as funds dedicated to improving the lives of children and families.


As a Baby Duck Listens to Thunder: Teaching in the People’s Republic of China in the Early 1980s, by Martha Kennedy


Today we know China as a mega-power, the world’s second largest economy, the manufacturer of complex computer parts, Hallowe’en decorations, fantastic mountain bikes, and elegant winter sports apparel. We see photos of enormous glass skyscrapers. We hear, “China has been the fastest growing economy in the world since the 1980s.” What was China like before?


“In a small way, I became part of the history of China, far more than I am a part of the history of my own country.” Martha Kennedy, from As a Baby Duck Listens to Thunder.


In 1982, only a six years after the death of Mao Zedong and the end of the Cultural Revolution, Monte Vista resident, Martha Kennedy, accepted a job as a Foreign Expert in English at South China Teacher’s University in Guangzhou, China. As a Baby Duck Listens to Thunder tells the story of her experiences in a newly opened China. Living in university housing, shopping, cooking, adjusting to a radically different culture, traveling and living as a Chinese professor for a year, it was the adventure of a lifetime. 


In addition to As a Baby Duck Listens to Thunder, Martha Kennedy has written an award-winning memoir, My Everest, which relates her experiences over thirty years of hiking with her dogs in the mountains and chaparral of Southern California. She has published articles and short stories in many periodicals and literary magazines, including Messages from the Hidden Lake, a publication of the Alamosa Public Library, and The Circle Book, a publication of the Conejos Writers Circle. 


Martha Kennedy has written four award-winning works of historical fiction. Martin of Gfenn, tells the story of a young fresco painter living in 13th century Zürich, and was awarded the Editor’s Choice by the Historical Novel Society Indie Review, the BRAG Medallion from IndieBRAG in 2015 and short-listed for the Chaucer Award from Chanticleer Reviews in 2017.


The Reclamationby Roger Howell

A young woman in a remote mining town is scorned for a tragic mistake, but finds solace trapping furs in snowy woods and panning gold from swift mountain streams. Far from the din of World War II, draft-exempt miners dig for strategic metals under the watch of the War Production Board. Jolene befriends two other misfits among the isolated workers, who help her to discover within herself a rich vein of art and poetry. But even as she rebuilds her life a conspiracy of illegal mining collapses, entrapping those she loves. Jolene must choose between fleeing, and regretting all that she once knew, or to staying and regretting all that she could be. In the dark midwinter in an old prospector’s cabin, she stokes a fire, washes blood from her hands, and makes a fateful decision. Jolene’s story is reconstructed decades later by the son who never knew her. Geologist Harlan Pruitt has returned to the ghost town of Cinnabar to evaluate the re-opening of the old mines. By the secrets he uncovers in the crumbling shafts—the grisly evidence of passion and treachery—his mother finally comes to life for him, more human yet more heroic than he ever imagined.

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