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May 7, 2014--Books, Children and BEA (Book Expo America)!

Fern Michonski / Fern’s Music

Pre-School Music Education Expert: The Children’s Advocate for Love and Kindness, Inspiring Creativity and Joy.

May 7, 2014—Books, Children and BEA (Book Expo America)!

BEA has a very cute video on YouTube called #BEAHAPPY2READ.

I agree with BEA! In my opinion, one of the most important things any parent can do for their children is to give them a love for books and reading. Reading opens up the world to them. It sparks their imaginations, opens the window to their souls and allows them to fly.

Being a pre-school teacher before I ever became a parent got me totally hooked on children’s books. Don’t get me wrong, I love all sorts of books, but given my career, I am usually the one perusing the children’s section of the library. My house is full of kids’ books that I have arranged in my living room for all of my little visitors and piano students to check out. When I look back at the years when my own children were young, some of my fondest memories were reading stories to my kids at bedtime. Two of our favorite books were Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny, by Margaret Wise Brown. My children never got tired of hearing those stories.

As a musician, I love to mix stories with music. It came naturally to me to co-write a song called “Tell Me A Story”, that is on my CD, “Kids! Off To Dreamland With Fern!” As a result of my love for children, books and music, I became friends with Cheryl Elizabeth Waddell, children’s book author and teacher. We joined our talents and combined books with each of the CD’s I had written. Our book, Rockrhydin, with its accompanying theme song, was created through this collaboration. Rockrhydin won the Mom’s Choice Award and received 1st prize in the Children’s Division of the New England Book Festival in 2012.  I am excited to share our book at the Mom’s Choice Award Booth at BEA. If you will be in town that day, stop by! I will be at Booth #2767 and #2768 from 2:00-3:00 on Friday, May 30th, autographing Rockrhydin. A gift will be included with the book.

I consider it an honor to be at BEA in the Mom’s Choice Award booth, meeting people from around the world who share our joy of books and stimulating children’s imaginations. Look for us there and until then, enjoy this song.Tell Me A Story

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