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     I woke up this morning half-dreaming, lifted small dog, Charlotte, off the bed and made my way to the kitchen but there was no first light to guide me.  I’d forgotten to close one of the shutters on the sliding glass doors but it didn’t matter, it was still dark outside.  Charlotte put her front paws on the glass and stared blankly at the rain.  If it weren’t for the clock on the microwave assuring me that it was, indeed, time to get up, I never would have known it.  I suppose I should be used to mornings like this - after all, it is late November.  The autumnal glory of October has faded leaving only dreary gray skies.  Leaves once yellow and gold have died red and black, sticking to the windshields of cars and lying wet in gutters along the roads.  It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s gloomy, the Christmas festivities are still beyond.  It sounds down right depressing, but then maybe we need a break from the cheerier months.  Maybe November is just right.

     November used to be one of those months that except for Thanksgiving, I just wanted to get through.  But lately, I’ve discovered that these are some of my best writing days.  I can work with few distractions.  There is no desire to go outdoors.  There is plenty of time for reflection and one of the things I find myself reflecting on quite often, is being able to pursue my writing to the point where I’m able to add the word “Author” on the line of occupation - something I’ve always wanted to do. 


     The publishing world used to be closed to almost everyone but a privileged few.  It’s not like that anymore.  Authors are taking control of their work and putting it out there themselves.  Since joining the ever-widening circle of Indie writers, my time is now filled with making online connections of one sort or another.  I’ve met (in an internet sort of way) so many new people and as a result, I have astonished myself with computer skills I’ve been forced to master, something I never could have foreseen.  I am very grateful!

     Amidst all the dreariness, tomorrow we will gather around tables with family and friends.  We’ll join our hands and bow our heads, maybe only for a moment, but to say a prayer of gratitude for all that we have been given … all the good things in our lives. 

     Yes, it’s appropriate that Thanksgiving is in November.  Beyond the fog, she has her own special gifts, and oh, how I’ve grown to love her dark, moody, days.

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