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June 4th, 2014--Take a day off from TV, Phones, Computers & Electronics

Fern Michonski / Fern’s Music

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June 4th, 2014—Take a day off from TV, Phones, Computers & Electronics 

As I was listening to the news I learned that many people are so addicted to their electronic devices that they find themselves checking their emails at the kitchen table during dinner and even in their beds at night.

It seems ironic that while the internet is connecting people worldwide, it is separating and dividing people right in their own homes. Time spent with family is the root of a solid beginning. It is what memories are made of.  Love and togetherness is what makes life worthwhile. To me, dinner together as a family is where everyone shares their day, asks for advice and rejoices in their successes. It is a sacred and special time.

How sad to have that daily experience robbed from us by an iphone, or a blackberry, or a videogame.

Our families need to connect, not disconnect. I think it would be a great idea to take a day off from TV, Phones, Computers and Electronics to show our kids that the most important thing in the world is each other.

I would take that another step. I suggest that phones and any electronics simply not be allowed at the dinner table—ever.  I think it is time we take control of our electronics and stop allowing electronics to control us. If we don’t take control, then these devices we think are so awesome could ruin our relationships and destroy our families.

I think companies should stop expecting their employees to always check their emails, even at night and when they are on vacation. The most important bottom line should not be how much money is made, but how much time, love and attention we give to our children, spouses and families. That is what life should be about.

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