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Posted on Brenda's Blog

     I'm writing these blog postings unedited, so please bear with me on grammatical errors!  Time is of the essence, and I'm still feeling overwhelmed now that The Bachelor Farmers is a real book.  I have to do all I can to promote it.  By the way, PLEASE LEAVE REVIEWS - Dear Readers - if there is anyone out there who enjoyed the book - it would be a huge help to me for you to go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu - or anywhere...and write a line or two!  Thank you in advance - I really do appreciate it.

     Things here are good.  It was 65 degrees in the house on Tuesday and I had to turn on the heat to take off the June!  I'm wondering if this is going to be a very cool summer here in the Northeast.  Anyway...we did have a gorgeous weekend, when I helped my step-daughter move into her new apt. in Brooklyn.  With business settled, my intention was to write all day - (it was perfect with the cool air, etc.) but I found myself, cleaning off my deak, browsing through Facebook, playing with the dog, reading a hundred pages of Blackberry Winter (Margaret Mead's autobiography - don't ask - I'm doing it for a group on Shelfari)  The dishwasher, the laundry - it seemed I was willing to do almost anything to keep myself from writing.

     It felt like a frustrating, wasted day, but then around five o'clock I sat down and decided I would make myself write a book review that I'd promised a friend.  In my mind, the day was already ruined, so I took my time.  I didn't rush.  I thought it through.  I tried to capture the essence of the story without giving away the plot.  I finished and picked up the first chapter of my new book, The Way Back 'Round - I started working.  It was way past midnight when I wrapped up.  I'd had a full day of writing.

     Mulling it over later, I remembered that someone had once told me that "if you sat still and did nothing, your life would still happen."  I realized that the busy-work was okay even though it made me feel unproductive.  Like some primitive ritual, it settled my mind and allowed me to sit back.  When I did nothing, things happened.  I wish I could remember this every day.  It pays to give in and go with the flow!

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