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Everything You Need to Know About Social Media You Should Have Learned in Pre-school

When you take away the high-tech veneer - the fancy apps etc.,- and the various forms of Social Media are appraised for what they really are, things get pretty easy. Social media are simply new communications
tools and as such, the same basic principles for effective human
communication apply and anyone can learn them. In fact, everything you
need to know to use Facebook,
Twitter and
the like you should have learned in Pre-School. But in case you didn't,
here is a refresher:

1. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Never put anything in digital form (email, wall post, tweet, whatever) that you are not comfortable sharing with the
whole world for eternity. Once you put something in digital form, it
can potentially reach every person on earth until the end of time. They
don't call it viral for nothing. You have no control over the reach of
your postings, so keep control over your content

Never be negative. Ever. No complaining. No kvetching about anyone. Negative comments when written on a screen, come off as petty and mean, much more so than is generally intended. In the words of my
mother, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at

2. Share. Once you get on Social Media, say something. Participate in the conversation. Don't just lurk. Remember the golden rule? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you? There is
a reciprocity culture in Social Media and if you want people to pay
attention to you, eg. by following you on Twitter or liking you on
Facebook, pay attention to them. Post things that may be useful to
others. Retweet or Share (on Facebook) something you find interesting
or amusing. Comment on the posts of others.

3. But don't share too much. Though shalt not overtweet, or over post. When people post too often, say six posts in a row on Twitter, it is oh-so-easy to just roll right through them. Over-posters
become like white noise. So what is the right amount of posting? It
depends but bear in mind the old mouth-to-ears ratio comment. It's
about right. Listen twice as much as you speak.

4. Content is King. Ok, so maybe you didn't learn this one in pre-school but you should have because it is true. Do not use Social Media tools to only promote whatever it is you may be selling. To get
people to pay attention to you and to keep them interested, you have to
add value. Your social media strategy should be to become an
interesting and relevant voice in the conversation.
When that is
your focus, you are more likely to be successful so carefully consider
the ratio of non-promotional content to promotional content in your

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