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A novel that is properly copyedited is a pleasure to read. Unfortunately, there are many writers these days that do not want to take the time or spend the money to have their manuscript copyedited or proofread. This is evident in many of the self-published books I see on Amazon. When I was growing up, reading was a way for me to learn about spelling, grammar, punctuation, people, places, and careers. I trusted books. I am a self-employed copy editor and proofreader and although it’s hard to stay in this line of work, I refuse to give up trying to preserve the English language. I want books to remain a source of entertainment as well as an education for readers. I would appreciate anyone taking the time to look at my new website,, and remember me when you are looking for a good copy editor. I would also be happy to do a free reading of a sample of any e-book already published or a chapter of a new manuscript as a way of introducing myself to the members of this group. Just email that request to

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