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CAPA Writing Contest winners 2011-2012

1st Place
Taylor and Burton: with Liz 'n Dick in Times Square
David Garnes
2nd Place
An Ancestral Lineage
Lou Norton
Honorable Mention
Great Grandma 'Edie'
Matthew Lewis
Honorable Mention
An External Bond
Nandini Pandya
1st Place
The Pinchot Sycamore Tree
Karin LeFranc
2nd Place
Old Friends
Michael Kilday
Honorable Mention
Praise on Father's Day
Janice O'Brien
Honorable Mention
There's a Kid Inside
Glen Kowalski
Short Story
1st Place
Sandy Bedlovies
2nd Place
Cat and Mouse
Richard Colon
Honorable Mention
Murray Edwards
Honorable Mention
How Earl Got Herbert
Jerry Rasmussen
Children Story

1st Place
Little Daisy
Mary Lou Silva
2nd Place
Angel's Little Trouble
Elizabeth Binadio
Honorable Mention
Awesome Pitch
Andrew Salchert
Honorable Mention
The Rescue of Midnight Blue
Jamison Nolan

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