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CAPA Annual Writing Competition 2012-13 Winners

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Jerry Labriola  Brian Jud
Annual Writing Competition 2012-13 Winners

1st Place - Virginia (Pinny) Bugaeff
2nd Place - David Garnes
Honorable Mention - Dodie Milardo
Honorable Mention - Matthew Goldman

1st Place - Michael Kilday
2nd Place - Charles Wellesley
Honorable Mention - Eileen Albrizio
Honorable Mention - Taryn Yates

Short Story
1st Place- Nancy C. Butler
2nd Place- Richard S. Colon
Honorable Mention- M.J. Allaire
Honorable Mention- Dereck Clouturas

Children Story
1st Place - Dawn Aldrich
2nd Place - Elizabeth Bonadio
Honorable Mention - Karin Lefranc
Honorable Mention - Francine Morlando

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