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Hi blog readers,

I understand that there are well over four hundred members and friends of CAPA who have subscribed to this well run blog.

To this date I have published ninety-five (95) short stories on a blog that is under my name. The stories are short and meant to be so that people can leave their daily grind for a couple of minutes or five and get away, perhaps while at their work stations (if permitted).

I have yet to hear from a single CAPA/ning reader, either to applaud or to critique my work. I'm not looking for applause or criticism particularly, but I want to know, after ninety-five submissions if anyone is reading my stories.

If I get responses to my preferred email address,, I will know that it is worth the extra effort I take to publish these original stories in this medium.

Keep in mind, I don't care if you like or dislike some or all of them. No story ever written has been appreciated by every reader. We are too diverse as human beings. I'm only asking if you are hearing me.

I hope to know that I am making a connection. If I am, I will continue to publish my blog on the CAPA site. Otherwise, there is no point.

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