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A Few Thoughts on Newtown’s December 14th, 2012

“On its fourth anniversary, the tragedy remains fresh for so many. It's detractors, off on agendas of their own, should read this heartfelt expression...and Amy's connection to it. Like the national memories we carry of an event seven days earlier in a December seventy-five years further back in history, may we never forget these pressure points in life and give them their due.”

I wrote the paragraph above for Amy, a friend and fellow writer on the occasion of this anniversary of the Newtown tragedy. She had written a short essay about her feelings and her peripheral but very real connection to it, the fear that it instilled and the memories she has carried from it.

I mentioned detractors. Whereas everyone has a right to their thoughts and beliefs, how anyone anywhere could deny the existence of the event and claim it never happened must be a product of hate colored blindness in our country.

In this time of year when millions, perhaps billions, of people celebrate the goodness of life in myriad rituals and expressions of kindness and love for others, could we all take a moment to consider that we billions are on this Earth to continue to grow into what we may become, in spite of ourselves.

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