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My name is Heidi Schlatter, and I hail from Granby, CT. I can’t say that I’m a struggling artist, because other than for a short time as an 11 year old when I first realized I wanted to write a book, I really have
not done much beyond editorial comments and school essays. Until recent years,
two to be exact, I have been muddling along trying to stay afloat financially
during rather unstable times. So two years ago as I referenced, I was at work
not thinking of anything in particular until my cats came to mind. I’m not sure
why, but I was suddenly thinking in cute little rhymes about one of my cats
which in and of itself is not so surprising. The surprising part was that I
started to write them down!

Later in the day I was reading these words to a friend and when she asked what I might do with it, and I replied that I might make it into a book. And in a rather quick fashion that’s what I did! One thing after
another fell into place for me in the same manner as the God given words I
wrote on the paper that day. From the unlikely way that the gal who illustrated
my book returned into my life, to the discovery of a book on Amazon that
directed me to the printing company I decided to use……all nothing less than
divine intervention. My book, “Merlin, The Cat Who Thought He wasn’t,”
practically wrote itself and has since been virtually selling itself as well.

For me, this is not merely having a completed book and putting it into print. I always was of the belief that writing and self-expression was my passion and it indeed is something I am driven to, but I’ve realized that
I have a greater passion. I want to be an influence on the way people view
animals and I want to make an impact upon the future destinies of animals and
their well-being. I have always loved
animals and have stood up against those who were unkind toward them. My
thinking today is that the best way to realize a success in this endeavor is
not to change the adults of today as much as to influence young people through
the teachings of empathy and responsibility. I feel my current book as well as
the intended series of books will forge a path toward those goals.

The preceding speaks far better on my behalf to any whom might care to really know me - far beyond my details of education, marital status, work history, etc. I am honored to be part of the CAPA group and look
forward to my journey ahead - in good company.

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