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F3: Father Figures in Fiction - Big Shoes Filled By Carol Healy

Are you struggling with character motivations? On Father’s Day, let’s step into some size 13 men’s shoes and dig into backstory. Every character has one, even if it never makes it onto the pages of your story. What happened to your characters to make them think, act or react to the other characters in your story? How did their fathers influence them?

Imagine yourself as the father in the following scenarios. How would each of these actions affect your characters?



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WWW1: Web Wrangling for Writers – 12 Great Blogs & How to Corral Them

As a life-long learner in a town where the library is awesome during business hours and absent at night, I am thrilled that the Internet is always open.


“Wait!” Yelled Harold Humbugger, the writer in the back of the room. “I thought the web was a soul-crushing magnet that lulled you into a false sense of security, draining your time and energy as it saps the creativity from your fingertips?”


No, you’re thinking of that sci-fi movie. The web is the…


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