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November 2016 Blog Posts (6)

Tear Holes in It

GINGHA AND HER two companions walked slowly, single file and alert as they picked their way along a narrow ridge high above a low place. The smaller of the two walked between them, a younger in training, Gingha’s charge, and the other a seasoned warrior of her tribe. Behind them the sky darkened and when shadow fell on them, Gingha turned abruptly and looked to the sky. She stifled a gasp as an orange hue manifested in the coming storm.

“Quickly!” Gingha called. “Get under!…


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Writing the Wild

Hello all,

I'd like to introduce myself. I'm a relatively new member of CAPA and look forward to joining this community of dedicated writers. I attended the meeting yesterday in Avon featuring guest speakers Steve Reilly and Richard LaPorta on copyright issues. Fantastic talk. 

I'd like to invite you to a blog created by three women that focuses on "The Wild" in all its various forms. (Okay, one of the women is my daughter, Lisa, a science writer who lives in Yellowstone…


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And Baby Makes Me

THE LIFE I know today began with my birth. It doesn’t seem much to say, but I want you to know what happened before that. Before I was born, I enjoyed life in a place swimmingly confined and restricted, but really okay. I could kick around and turn over, stand on my head, lots of things.

Then, one day just like all the others, quite suddenly and totally without my permission, the quiescent muscles surrounding me started to work.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

Thrown around and…


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Evil Child

THE MAN IN the red car drove down a dusty dirt road deep in the hills of northern Arkansas. He chuckled. That last sale two towns back, oh man, how he’d pulled one over. The commission would set him for a month.

I’m good, he thought, real good! He laughed again.

He passed a crossroad, woods to one side, cotton on the other. Three black kids, side of the road, looking at him, big eyes, expressionless, empty faces, strange, unnerving. Did I really see…


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Top 5 book marketing successes

Let's share our top book marketing successes in this blog. Why? Because writing the book is only half the work of an author; the other half is getting the attention of prospective buyers, namely, readers! So measure your success by your sales volume, not just the number of free copies you gave away or the number of hits on a website. We want sales.

My top 5 book marketing successes were:

1. Going to the local library and meeting with the person in charge. The library…


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As the Wheel Turns

I have a wife. She’s the apple of my eye and she’s my friend and that’s good. I wish to pen some thoughts on marriage and relationships. I’m writing it for me, but there is always a danger that I might share it sometime. To share this with others requires that I write with others in mind. It changes the equation. To whom would I show my inner thoughts?…


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