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September 2016 Blog Posts (4)

A Stitch in Time

ONE OF MY earliest memories is one in which my grandmother sat at her little sewing table and mended clothes or darned socks. People did that in bygone days. You know, the old Yankee way. Buy it new, wear it out, fix it up, make it do. Drawing a stitch in time saved a lot of work later.

I’m thinking this old saying is much older than America. It makes me wonder where it came from. Did it arise in a number of places instead of just one? What an interesting thought.

Where would…


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Aftermath, Part III, the final chapter

Chapter III

“THEN WE WILL be dead, and the message will not get to Brad. We don’t operate that way. If your discipline is anything like ours, you won’t take a chance on shooting us and sweeping it under the rug. First, I’m sure there are others behind us who would have heard that first shot, and they will want an accounting of why you fired it. Second, the message we have might stop all this useless warfare, and you wouldn’t be averse to…


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Aftermath, Part II

Chapter II

“EASY, ROD. I called to you.”

“Hey! Couldn’t hear you.” He recovered quickly and smiled at his friend.

“Yeah. That yellow thing you have to get rid of. It advertises you, and this isn’t the place for it.”

“Yeah, I know. All I could find,” he replied.

“Here, put this on.” Jon pulled a black parcel from under his dark, non-reflective cape.

Rodney glanced at it. “How did you know?”

“I was no…


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Aftermath (Part one)


THE FINAL CONFLICT began in 2020. It lasted two days. In that time America had been decimated by the bombs of its enemies and had in turn destroyed beyond repair the hopes of the gentle peoples of the world. Only a few locales, widely separated by thousands of miles on different continents held pockets of humanity. They struggled and most failed. This is the story of Waterbury in the former state of Connecticut, as unlikely…


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