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July 2016 Blog Posts (5)


MY BREATH COMES in gasps and I might have been running forever. My legs are rubbery with exhaustion and the fire in my lungs with every breath I take hurts so bad I don’t think I can go on. I have to go on. I try to turn my head and look back. My head won’t turn. Is it gaining? What is it? I have to get away. That’s all I know. It will kill me if I don’t. I duck down an alley.

Where did these houses come from? I’ve been running in an open field. I smelled alfalfa before. I sniff…


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Lesson Learned

ABBY'S SCREAM OF rage snaps Mama’s head up and she nearly impales an eye with her scissors. She drops them quickly next to the mailer, alongside the packaging tape that lay on the table.

“Abby, what’s wrong?”

“Mama, Fluff ate my sandwich!”

Mama peeks into the living room and sees the cat on his rump cleaning his paws. He looks satisfied and distant from the commotion. Similar things have happened before and neither “child” seems to have learned from the past.



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Listening Trouble

A TONGUE CAN cut like a knife and bloodlessly eviscerate the soul.

She speaks. “Okay, so I’ll go and get my haircut, then I’ll drive over to Kate’s to get my nails done. On the way back I’ll stop at Stop and Shop and pick up a few things. You’ll be ready to go when I get back?”

“Uh-huh.” I’m taking in every word. I think about how focused I am on my wife’s plan. Just then it occurs to me that the door I painted and left downstairs should be dry by now. Better remember to bring…


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Getting Together Again

I STOOD IN the front hall and stared at the closet door under the stairs. How many years had it been? Hesitantly, I turned the key to unlock this particularly distressing part of my past and opened it. I reached around a jumble of old coats and boxes. I pulled the light cord.

With a flash that dazzled me, the old bulb burned out. The shock sent my body reeling. My head hit the hallway wall and sudden pain radiated into my eyes. I gasped, got control and leaned against it, more than a…


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Color is Just a Word

I’d been talking with Georgie Handly. I’m Duane Brownley. Georgie’s a guy from my hometown of East Percer. We went to high school, had a few classes together, hung around in study period throwing an occasional spitball and played some football after school. Now we hang at the Torchlight some nights and put down a few, play some pool, and talk about deciding what we’re going to do in this sorry ass town we live in. Jobs aren’t good or much, but the pressure’s on.

What I mean is;…


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