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April 2016 Blog Posts (4)

Backdrop for Disaster

I stared mesmerized at the August sunset. At this height, the sinking red orb cleaved two distant mountains so exactly it looked staged. Nature couldn’t produce a better end for a day. I let out a long weary breath, part rarefied air, part exertion.

Beside me Allie looked at it wide-eyed, breathing hard. She had to be thinking the same thing as me. We’d just finished our climb and stood together on an irregular rectangular rock about ten feet square. The last part, walking over a…


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November Sky

Black country road. Wet night. Unknown territory. No yellow center line. No painted guidelines at the sides. No shoulder. Black on black. Pelting rain. Sudden flash of car lights. Recipe for disaster!

Dazzled, I cut the wheel right. The car drove by so close I felt its suction jostle mine. Amazed that we didn’t hit and terrified about where I might be heading, I cut the wheel hard left, my heart in…


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The Date - Dialectic, Fanciful

“You are too wise for me.” That’s what the lady says.

I don’t believe it. Harvard grad, Phi Beta Kappa, president of her class, is what I hear through da grapevine. Beautiful woman, like foxy. This I know. See her every day goin’ here and there lookin’ all serious. She smile, I bet she light up a room. But, never see that one smile.

I work metal. Wisht I never got in this welding. My friend Bruno, he says, “You make a lotta money.” That’s what he…


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Lightning Story

A thunderous crash followed the flash so close they were literally connected, an overlay rather than two separate features of the same event. The gazebo shook. Startled, I bolted from my chair to see what must have caught fire. The air felt electric. My skin prickled. The unmistakable odor of ozone washed over me. Too close! Too damn close!…


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