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March 2016 Blog Posts (5)

The Locked Closet

Such a jolly old man, my grandfather! Although small and perhaps a little roly-poly, he didn’t let it affect him. He always told us grandkids he had shrunk and all that height had to go somewhere. His improbable statement brought laughter in the household, but it certainly had an element of truth to it. At my advancing age I find this curious malady occurring to my frame, too, and I am reminded of his comment.

Everyone loved Granther, his peers, his kids and it continued down through…


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Libertarianism Blog Post by For Beginners Intern James Canfield

Every year our publishing house is blessed with the talents of young interns. I wanted to share a blog post by one of our own for our forthcoming book, Libertariansim For Beginners.

“Seavey provides a thorough and easy to read explanation of libertarianism and its history. Full of examples and nuance, the book offers a balanced context for understanding this philosophy.”…


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A Sudden Need for Two-piece Suits

I looked at this long and hard before deciding it should be published on my blog. I have altered the reminiscence below by removing irrelevant personal information included in the original text.

HAPPY TIMES appear like stratum in the grain of fine marble, where the entire slab characterizes life. It may grab our hearts as we run our fingers fondly along those seams and recall the love we bring to mind.

Happy thoughts are beautiful. They raise us up in cascading…


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Death Run

Garcia caught up to him on State Road 76, west of Albuquerque. In his rear view mirror, Alphie saw the gang leader’s expression. He didn’t like it. Garcia was big, powerful, a real mean bastard. If he caught Alphie he would hurt him first – a lot – and then he would kill him. He watched Garcia roast a live snake over his cook fire not long ago. He watched the snake writhe helplessly until it didn’t move again. Garcia tossed the smoking remnant into the…


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Across the Room

Theresa asks me to go to a party. I don’t feel up to par; depressed, I guess. School thing. She says it would do me good, get my mind off things. She won’t be denied.

“Okay, what time?”


“And I can leave any time?”

“Sure, but you won’t want to."

Wanna bet, I say to myself. Theresa bounces upstairs and I hear the bathroom door slam. I wish she wouldn’t do that. She’s too bubbly. I plop into my favorite rocker. Depression comes knocking. I let it…


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