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January 2013 Blog Posts (5)

You Can Learn Alot From The Park!

My Granddaddy once said that the park is a great place to learn! Now at that time, I was just a kid and didn't quite know what he meant by that, but now that I'm older, and now I think I have an idea of what he meant... When I was younger I played at the park and had a lot of fun. During these days full of play, I'm sure I learned a lot: like teamwork, cooperation, taking turns, and much, much more... The funny thing is that I didn't even know this learning was taking place. Now that I' m…


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Forgive and Forget!

My family and I have just been through a very trying time. We moved! Anybody that has ever moved a family of 7 and a family dog, you know what I'm talking about!

Well, it seemed like everything went wrong right from the beginning. The movers showed up late. They didn't have the proper tools to take apart and then reassemble my furniture, nor our outdoor swing set.

From there it just got worse! The movers broke stuff, refused to transport many of my belongings and then at 10:30…


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Team Work

Not too long ago my family and I moved to the house we are living in now! This is something that is done everyday, all around the world. So, it should have been simple right?

Wrong! This move was at times overwhelming and very difficult. Our plans had been altered and changed more times than I could count until I could no longer even recognize our game plan.

However, there is a lesson to be learned here. Over this last summer I had been repeatedly reminded that no person is an…


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Little Things Matter!

Hey, everybody! You ever feel like you’re totally overwhelmed and the whole world is against you? You ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels one hundred miles per hour, but getting no where? I do. I get this feeling more often then I would like to admit. However, whenever I get frustrated and feel like I’m getting no where, I try to remember that little things matter. If I can just accomplish one tiny, little thing, everyday, then by next year at this time I would have gained an enormous…


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Living Consciously ... an Inside Job

     I’m sitting at my desk while a carpenter hammers up rows of shelves and builds drawers between perfectly spaced bars that have been measured out in my closet.  Every time the hammer comes down my writing concentration is broken and after awhile I give up and move off to another room.  Falling onto the couch next to a pile of unread books, I lift my small dog up next to…


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