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Poems Along The River Of
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ISBN: 978163448150 Pages: 62
Dimensions: 6x9
Format: Softcover

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"An emotive, non-fiction collection of heartbreakingly-honest poems, ""Poems Along The River Of Life"" touches on the author's tumultuous upbringing, spiritual growth, love of family, love for nature, true happiness and more. This collection has a distinct, autobiographical feel without being heavy or weighed-down. ""Poems Along The River O Life"" is an easy read that is perfect for readers of all ages. The rhyme scheme or pattern in the poems are written so the reader can experience the poetry in its personal, nebulous, and fun way. I being the author want my readers to understand that there's not just one right way to read poetry. I think there is a common misconception that there is only one right view of poetry, and because of that, readers beat a poem to death metaphorically trying to find ""the answer."" I think that if we just experience a poem rather than trying to ""answer"" a poem we're more likely to enjoy and understand poetry. In conclusion ""Poems Along The River Of Life"" is a comfort for the reader and will create smiles. A people person who loves people, and enjoys, travel, music, reading and writes poetry.

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