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Comment by Kathryn Orzech on September 22, 2013 at 6:48pm

Cover design: Premonition of Terror. Premonition of Terror is a paranormal thriller, partly set in Prague, Czech Republic. You can see rejected cover designs on my Pinterest Cover Designs board

The Charles Bridge is a recognizable landmark and an important psychic symbol in the story. I found the perfect shot by Frank Chmura that matched what I had envisioned. A radial Photoshop filter makes it more dreamy and coordinates with the look of the book’s trailer. Though a graphic designer, I knew nothing about book cover design, so I searched online for useful advice and found what I needed, mostly from Joel Friedlander, about simplicity, color, fonts, resources, etc. I used for Frank's Prague photo. The book title font is Franchise from In May 2013, I entered my e-book cover in 's monthly competition against 96 fiction entries.

My Premonition of Terror cover won a Gold Star Award and a lovely comment from Joel Friedlander (below).

Premonition of Terror

Joel Friedlander wrote: "Beautiful job, Kathryn. Franchise works perfectly here, with a bit of the constructivist era about it, and the carefully controlled colors do a lot to create a strong atmosphere. Readers should note that Kathryn, as a graphic artist, submitted this cover with a small drop shadow built into the image, and you can see that it makes her cover stand out." 

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