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“ Poetry In Motion With God And Family “

Poetry is most often experienced unintentionally at private ceremonies such as weddings and funerals, with eighty percent of the potential audience and more than ninety percent of the current audience reporting that they've been exposed to poetry at one of these private occasions. “ Poetry In Motion With God And Family “ poems are very personal to me (for example feeling God’s presence through The Holy Ghost) and others are based on family values and spiritual experiences! All aim to capture the imagination of the reader in some small way and entertain for years to come.
In addition to the personal benefits of poetry, a study of mine explored perceptions of the social benefits of poetry.
I believe poetry is long overdue a revival. In fact, it might be just around the corner. It’s not that poetry ever went away; it still has a substantial following in our country as well as abroad. I think poetry has a place in modern family life and there’s a space on a bookshelf somewhere waiting for this book!

The advantage of a book of poems is that they can be quick to read. Poetry has the ability to entertain, inspire, revive the soul, evoke and capture the emotion of a moment, amuse and educate. The reader can therefore snatch a precious minute or so to read a poem to lose oneself in the imagery and emotion in free verse, enjoy the rhythm of rhyme and meter or smile at the intricate, condensed, clever rhyme that captures a snapshot of a magical moment in time or nature.

I’m a poet, writer, and author with a difference: I write for every one of all ages who believe the world needs words with passion so people can pursue their craft and feel good about what they do. For me, success comes when my readers are as delighted with my work as I am. Praise like this affirms that I’m heading in the right direction. This book aims to inspire the generations; to encompass modern family life in inspirational, emotional and accessible poetry; a reference book for all occasions.

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