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When a being identifying himself as "The Light Bringer" exposes a peaceful race known as the Tribe and their world to light, a world that had never experienced light before, it begins burning their world to the ground. The Light Bringer, along with his followers - the Beings of Light, launch a genocidal attack on the Tribe, their culture, and their world, all but destroying them. The few survivors of the slaughter, now known as "The Coming" are forced underground where they splinter into two groups; the Greater Tribe who seek vengeance against the Beings of Light who destroyed their world, and the Remnant of the Tribe who wish to live in peace and rebuild in the caverns deep underground. The Greater Tribe banishes the Remnant, and is later joined by the mysterious Tanas and his Legion of Shadows. Tanas promises them aid in the Greater Tribe's vengeance against the Beings of Light, who rename themselves the Tribe of Shadows in honor of their unification. Thousands of years pass. The Beings of Light are long gone from the surface, but they have left a new race, the Hy-mun in their place. Reye Jasper, a student in Spectral Academy is selected to take part in a mining project. Reye is elated, it is her dream to become a terranaut and she sees the project as her first step to becoming one. Not only that, but her twin brother Raymond, and best friend Stella also join her on the project. Unfortunately, the project turns bad quickly when the class is attacked by the Tribe of Shadows. Reye, along with a few survivors, are captured by the Tribe of Shadows, and taken to their home, the City of Nis (now ruled by the seemingly immortal Lord Tanas). Reye is turned into a gladiator, but soon escapes with the help of two members of the Remnant, Ice and Dan-te. Together, Reye and Ice begin a mad assault through Nis leading toward a showdown with Tanas. Meanwhile, Dan-te, using a stolen ancient artifact, the Veil of Shadows, escape to the surface and attempts to warn its inhabitants about Tanas's plan. A plan, that if completed, will mean the banishment of light from the world, and the end of all life, both above and below the surface.

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