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When you sell your books at the Big E, you are required to have a sales tax number by the State of Connecticut. In January, when you file the form for the sales tax you have collected from sales in Connecticut during the year, these sales are included because the Connecticut Building is considered to be part of the state. So every author who sells books at the Big E must pay sales tax on those sales.

The tax is included as part of the price we charge for tyour book but must then be calculated separately to go to the state in January.

Such as:
If you charge a $20.00 price on your book at the Big E, it is considered to include the Connecticut sales tax. When you figure your liability for paying your sales taxes in January, the tax you owe the state is $1.20 for that book or 6% of the price and your profit is $18.80. I hope this helps.

If for any reason you did not apply to get your Connecticut state tax number before the event, you should do so immediately. The state does have the names of everyone selling at the event and if you are found not to comply, there are fines. This request for the number was included in the application you filed with CAPA and by filing that, you are stating that you are in compliance with the tax laws of the state.

I hope this answers the questions about sales tax.

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