Connecticut Authors and Publishers

A Literary Community Learning from One Another

I am delighted to have been accepted into the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association. I look forward to learning from the members that have their experience and knowledge to offer and hopefully in the future I can be of some benefit to others that need help and advice.

My first published novel, For a Reason was released in November of 2009. I have had several book signings and look forward to more. Although having to find places that would allow me to have signings and then arrange them has been challenging. I believe that writing is the easy part. Making your book succeed is the hard part.

Borders in Milford hosted a book signing for me yesterday, Mar. 14. I sold 6 books and was treated very nicely there. Thank you Borders, Milford.

I am working on my second novel and hopefully will have it completed in a fraction of the time that it took me to finish For a Reason which took over 13 years from start to publication.

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