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CAPA Big E 2010 Bookstore Event - 1 Month Deadline Left For Applications To Be Received

This is a Message to all the Connecticut Authors out there that are considering having a spot at CAPA's 2010 Big E Bookstore Booth this year: It is exactly 1 month until the deadline for all applications to be received by me. Go to the CAPA website and download your application if you haven't done so already. Fill it out and mail it to me if you want to be a part of this absolutely wonderful event for authors.

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Hi Debbie,


I have sent several emails inquiring where and when I can drop off my books for 2011 Big E event,  but I haven't received any response. My membership check was cashed and I have my dates for Big E Attendence.  I know time is getting close and you need to scan books into the register. 

Please call me at 860-292-1986 or send me an email at to advise.



Kay (KC Lauer/Bad Girl Gone Mom)

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