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1. Be courteous to the other authors on your shift. Be mindful you are not selling alone at this venue and act accordingly. Each of the authors paid for the privilege to sell at this event and must abide by the rules of decorum laid out by the CT building as well as the Big E. If any author wishes to know what they are, they are posted at the Big E web site.

2. This year we are using a cash register for all transactions. This requires every book for sale has a bar code, and that it be entered into the bar code inventory beforehand. In special instances we made bar codes for items but that usage was limited for practical purposes. We will be attempting to only sell books which will already be ‘inventoried’ by us. Therefore if authors want to bring books that haven’t been inventoried beforehand, we will not take responsibility for them. That includes accepting payment (check, cash, or credit card) for the item or reconciling inventory. Authors will be expected to manage those non-inventory transactions entirely by themselves. Furthermore those items will have to be removed by the author from the premises when the author’s shift is over.

3. No author-entourages will be permitted to stay in the booth. They can ‘visit’ but they are not permitted to block the customer’s access to any author, or the customer’s access to the books on the shelves. We have no space to accommodate them. If members of your entourage do not want to visit the fair while you are working, then we suggest they wait in the lounge on the second floor of the CT building until your shift is over. Each author paid for his or her own space. It is not fair to any of them that space be occupied by ANYONE who did not pay for that privilege. Governance of the entourage is the author’s responsibility. However if the author is negligent in this responsibility, the staff will politely ask the entourage to leave. If the entourage chooses to ignore the staff, the author will be politely asked to leave.

4. Each author has approximately a 2 foot 8 inch counter space to set up their display. Bring just enough materials to fill that space and no more than that. No free-standing easel displays are permitted. The recommended size for displays is 18 inches by 24 inches, and be designed to stand on the counter. They can also be taped to the counter in front of you. That is the author’s choice. For example, an author could have one display taped to the counter in front of them, and one display standing on the counter. Any more than that may end up blocking the customer’s view of the author and his or her product(s). We will not permit any author’s display to encroach upon another author’s space. There is limited space for storage in the booth so be judicious with the items you bring to the booth. The bulk of the storage space we do have the staff requires to manage the activities of the booth.

5. No audio or video presentations will be permitted. No offensive or annoying marketing props will be permitted. Staff reserves the right to determine the definition of what is offensive and/or annoying.

6. In the mail, each author will receive a complimentary entrance ticket for themselves as well as a parking pass for each DAY the author is working. WE HAVE NO EXTRAS AND NO MORE WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM US. If they are ‘lost’ in the US MAIL, we can’t take responsibility for that, nor will the post office. Regardless of whether the author or the Post Office loses them, they cannot be replaced by us. The author will have to pay for replacements tickets from the Big E. Please note: we not aware of any replacements available for parking passes. Tickets for spouses, children, or friends can be purchased at a discount if desired from the Big E. Parking passes were distributed at our discretion. If the author does not like their parking assignment, they are free to make their own arrangements. Check the Big E web site for the prices of discount tickets and how to acquire them. The address is

7. Be advised the staff and CAPA Big E committee retains absolute authority to handle and arrange the placement of books on the book shelves in the booth. No author is permitted to move or handle any other author’s book without that author’s permission. Individual authors may replenish their own stock at their discretion, as long as that does not include moving their books to another shelf location. Because the 17 day event is grueling and taxing on the staff, we will make no commitment to replenish stock if an author runs out during the fair. That means we don’t have time to make calls and do book pickup for authors. If an author is concerned about running out, they can call us and ask what their inventory status is. It would be their responsibility to get the books to us. That may mean buying a ticket and entering the fair on one of their off days to bring books to the booth. If you choose to do this, we advise you come after 5 pm. It gets pretty crowded, and ticket prices are discounted. We can only suggest authors bring more books (that are inventoried) with them on days they are working so their shelf stock remains as static as possible. It has been our experience, however, that generally books only sell when the author is present.

8. Book return will be handled in much the same fashion as book collection was. In the month of October the staff will commit to attending one Avon, SE, and SW CAPA meeting to facilitate book return efforts. We encourage every author to make one of those meetings. In the event, authors do not go to the meetings to get their books, a fallback option will be exercised. That fallback option is: an author will have to drive to one of four places to get their books back: the Kilday’s house in Wolcott, the Kenney’s house in Monroe, M. J. Allaire’s house in Uncasville, or Doreen Hampton’s house in Litchfield. IF THIS OPTION IS CHOSEN, ENSURE YOU CALL AHEAD OF TIME TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR PICKUP. No other options will be available. Authors are advised it is THEIR responsibility to recover THEIR books. We will not make any extraordinary efforts to return books. We have attempted to accommodate authors by providing three CAPA meetings, and four alternative locations to retrieve books. The expectation that the staff or any CAPA Big E committee member will drive all over the state returning books to authors is not reasonable. Don’t assume it will happen.

9. After the Big E author payments will be handled pretty much as last year. Book Marketing Works, Brian Jud’s company, will be issuing checks to author’s during the month of October. However they will be a 3% charge taken out of the gross credit card sales to cover the expense of credit card sales. What that means to each individual author will depend upon their percentage of total credit card sales. In addition, each author’s tax liability will be deducted from their individual gross sales. CAPA president Dan Uitti will be issuing a statement on the tax liability issue on the CAPA Big E blog before the fair begins.

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