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2010 CAPA Big E Bookstore Info for members new and old

For those of you that are considering participating in the CAPA Big E Bookstore event I thought that I should give those that have not participated in past years some information about the event.

The Big E fair runs for 17 days. This year it starts Friday Sept17 and ends Sunday Oct 3rd. CAPA's booth is located in the Connecticut Building on the Avenue of States. Our booth opens at 10am and closes at 9pm every day the fair runs. There are four shifts per day with four authors working on each shift. Depending on what shift(s) and what day(s) you work there are different prices for different days and shift times. If you sign up to work at the fair the price you pay includes 1 parking pass and 1 entry onto the fair grounds for each day you may get to work. There is always a CAPA booth manager there and a full time cashier. All sales of books must go through the cash register. When you get to the CAPA booth to work you will set up at the counter along with the other authors working on your shift and smile and greet people passing by and try to sell your books. The authors beginning inventory of books will be collected before the fair begins, delivered to the fairgrounds, and will be placed into the bookshelves by the CAPA Big E Committee members. More information on the dates of collection of the books, how many to bring with you when you come to work your shift, how to pack them, what size box to pack them in, where to place the removable price stickers with the price of your books rounded to the nearest dollar, etc will be answered after all the applications are received and the schedule is created. This information about books will be given to you around July 17. More information will be given to you at a later date but keep in mind that what I need from all of you is your cooperation.

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